why do man talk shit ?

why do men talk shit ?

i have a friend and a bro in law who love to talk shit. they just pick any topic and say whatever comes to their minds, it don’t matter if who is listening to them, or if there is any connection at all from the front of talk to the middle and the end, they just rag on and on like a broken record or a psychotic homeless on the subway station chanting. this is what they sound like :

" let me talk, i know my stuff ...... me me ...."

” how’s work ? so so right or it sucks ? i bet it sucks big time. let me give you some truth about the work place. these days companies are super no-non-sense downright crappy and you just gotta move on, you ask why are they crappy ? they just are ! they don’t care no shit about employee, they just care about money money money. i tell ya there are no companies with any humane soul imbedded. i mean look at the jewish people , they make so much money, they have so much power in the world, yet what do they do ? in the film industry, they make movies about holocaust and they say look at what happened to us, the germans are sorry now aren’t they, now everybody knows the truth huh ! HA ! just unbelievable. why doesn’t anybody go to africa the third world countries and film about the poverties there ? who goddame cares about how sorry the jews may feel ? that’s done and over with. that’s decades ago man ! move on my man move on. live in the present please. oh i just can’t stand the jews they are so freaking rich and powerful and they keep it all to themselves. they are selfish that’s what they are. i know i shouldn’t be discriminating but i just hate them. ……they are rich and powerful and they continue to cry cry cry to the world …… see what happened to us ? see what happened ? it wasn’t fair ……….blah blah blah…. oh man that os just disgusting………… eh ! how’s that soup you’re making ? no no no no, don’t put the that spice in that’s no good, why don’t you use some chicken broth squares to my opinion they are the only base for soups in the grand world. every soup should use them. just put in one and you are heaven…. yes heaven heaven i said heaven. ……hum hum yum…….. “

i can’t stand them. why do they do this ? anybody knows. please enlighten me. is this entertaining to them ? is it fun? is it a creative story telling exercise for man ? is it because life weigh so much burden that they need to rant about shit just so they can release some anger ? i dunno i just don’t know. if any man is reading this and you have friends who sound like the above and you understand the reason behind the behavior, please do enlighten me. i would very much like to understand. thank you.

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privacy paranoia

these two days i felt extremely paranoid about my privacy as a new web expressive person. because usually when i have an urge to write, to express my feelings,sometimes it is fun stuff or self realizations, and unfortunately sometimes it is pms venting and you know that might be hurtful to some. honestly …… it depends on your mood, right ? when you’re in a good mood, a strong sold mood, whatever you see, you will not be affected. but if you’re in a weak unstable mood, you are easily affected by other’s behaviors and you might interpretate wrongly. honestly i think i am just paranoid.

10 days ago, when i started this blog it was only for good intentions. because i have a friend who is kinda ….. computer dinosaur and i mean she is not good with new technology and she complained to me that she felt a little bothered that she needs to sign up a new email account in order to read my blog. so i thought hey i sent out …. i think about 100 invitations and hardly ever is there a comment. people usually just read and they might not have the time or are in the mood to respond a comment. but she did she told me in person. so maybe she really wants to read my blog to know about my life and i should make a new blog so it can be easily access to her. ……… i had no idea that 10 days later i wold have this paranoia.

i mean i think there are a lot of mean-spirited people. and i am not one of them. i think of myself as quite lovely. it’s just sometimes ….. due to pms, my antenna to receive information from outside is short circuited or blocked, so my interpretation of the world around me is kinda twisted. i know i know, i am aware of this. and writing helps to calm myself down. and i happen to think some of these writings are quite fun to read and i like to share. i suppose this platform also provides a place for my writing to slowly mature……… honestly i just didn’t want to go to work one day and face my co-workers and they all hate me or they want o slap me or something of this sort.

today i asked a colleague how does her friends keep privacy if they have facebook and blogs ? she was very nice in taking time to answer my questions. ( honestly maybe she wanted a break from her work la i think ! ) —- she said ” i understand your paranoia. but you know, honestly what are the odds that one blog will ….. be so popular that everyone wants to read it and that if i wasn’t invited to read, i would walk to another computer station just so i can read it ? ” .………… and it dawned on me, i am hilarious, and i am ridiculous. who has so much time and who will be out to get you ? ….. that answer i suppose one never knows. some people do have the luxury to have a lot of time on their hands, and what’s that saying —- better late than never ? or i think always watch your back is the winner here. so anyhow after consulting with 2 friends, i decided and did get rid of my facebook account and also made a bunch of new email accounts. ( if i was in my hometown where i can easily have access to a dozen friends, believe me i would have consulted more lovely folks and gotten more answers. but hey i am grateful ! you know who you are ! )

at this moment, i, still ridiculously hilarious but feeling a little more protected in this new age of fast technology + zero privacy .

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Snow Storm is comin’

this winter we could not get enough snow. they just keep on comin’. there’s no stopping them. every other week, ” SNOW STORM ! STAY OFF THE ROADS ! ” —- if the snows had come earlier we have been happy. we were not so crammed with work then. but with MARKET WEEK coming up just around the corner, i even sleep with dreaming of things i need to get done at work. poor me. my job is haunting me……

i think the only person i know of is happy about the snow is my nephew, each time there is snow, he builds an IGLOO. here’s one on the left for you to see.

these are views of my neighborhood and that yellow house on top photo is where i live now. cute lemon cupcake ! it has it’s benefits to live in suburbs. there’s peace and quite. tho i find that when there is no peace in your heart, it don’t matter where you live, that heart is gonna be struggling anywhere. so to find peace is the key…… i don’t where i am going with this. i only meant say, i certainly do miss the city every now and then ! boy i sound like i am 50 and retired.
that’s for this morning. back to my work jungle for more struggles.

more photos as promised.

these two photos are by the river we live next to. delaware river gap. on weekends people show up to run walk bike picnic do whatever they please. on week days it is deserted and i would not step foot in it unless i was feeling extremely brave. there is no human in sight, no animal in sight. i suppose it’s quite peaceful but me the suspescious imagenative timid minded should probably stay¬† away !

photo on left is the road taken daily. it has many tall thin tree trunks, with the curvature of the road, it owns a romantic mood all year round. photo in the middle in also the by the river. photo on right , the yellow house on the corner, is the spot that reminds me that my nutcase energetic spontaneous no organization nor system passionate boss is only human.

the story is like this, she usually drives everyone crazy. the shut gun speed talking is only the intro. she is so passionate and excited about her company that she sounds like she wants everyone to work like the speed her head is spinning. she will give you 10 projects at a time and while you are dutifully trying to complete them, give you 20 more. and if you ask her to tell you later, she will say i will forget later so i must tell you now. she’s the boss we can only endure. anyhow one day long back we had a new comer hired who unfortunately had no means of transportation at the time, so we have to take turns picking up and driving her home. so one day it was my turn and my GPS user no direction sense boss was trying to remember off the top of her head the roads, she blurted out ” ….. then you will see the yellow house on the corner ” …… that’s when my heart smiled, …… yes she’s only human. ……. i suppose the way she remembered the yellow house was charming for me, as a regular person, not the xxxxxxxxx boss. and boy, that is a YELLOW house.

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Hello world!

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