” cuz we’re honest “

cros pendent so simple it's just splendid & a true beuty

shopping this is a no no for me cuz i know i should be saving up and so i can afford to purchase a small townhouse cuz i can’t be staying at my kind hearted darling sisters my entire life i have already shamelessly stayed for 3 years almost….. but…… one can’t help themselves when one sees beautiful things….. right ? … so i did a little shopping la…… just a little……. i bought 2 super thin plain necklace chain ? ( one 10 inch the other 12 inch ) i am not sure how to explain it. sterling silver. and i also found a cross pendant. i have been thinking about getting one since i finally understood what the cross meant. and also about the sterling silver necklace chain, i have been thinking about it for 10 years since i saw it on CARRIE the writer character on sex and the city. they look so charming on her ! now they can look charming on me ! hee hee….

one interesting note is the sales lady her name is CHRIS when i asked how come her prices are much much lower than department store prices. ( the chains i got were 10 dollars and 12 dollars and the pendant was 7 dollars ) she replied ‘ cuz we’re honest.’ huh huh that was a good answer ! yeah later she added the owner really want people to enjoy jewelry.

desert wind and cute shot glasses. wow i am set. for what ? you can imagine.....

and ohhh, i got those 4 shot glasses too. but they were not only cute they also have drink mixing recipes on them. ( i remember yvonne you were interested to know how the cocktail drinks are done. so i thought hey it’s a good thing to have on the glass itself how convenient no need to memorize or look it up in books ! …..iiyo …. ! ) so it’s a good buy. tho one of the boys broke one while transporting them to the car. ( what can i say ? it’s my own fault to trust them to transport my newly bought goods. )

ok. gotta go. am tired from writing, i took off today to rest and enjoy my birthday. i have been feeling weak with swollen glands for a week now and i need to take care of myself. just the thought of spending my birthday working in the office in pain is excruciating to me. so i informed my nutty boss yesterday that i will take off today. yeah ! good job !
i know this sounds silly to you , to ask for a day off is no biggie but it is hard for me. thank goodness there is no packaging design tasks that needs to be done urgently this week or i will be in pain at work alone. and plus i have been trying hard to be a responsible dependable worker.
back when i was in taipei doing teaching or newspaper editorial design i often called out and to me it was normal to take days off to take care of my health but to my superiors they told me i need to use off days to take care of my health not use working days. it took me a while to understand and agree to what they mean. so since i have been at this job a year ago, i almost never take a day off because i did not feel feel. i just worked and got through the day with prayers while in pain.

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