” excuse me ! “

straight straight lines in the vineyard remind me of school days where we had to practice to draw straight lines.

we stopped at small vendors on the way to shop for QUILT, local farm goods like apples and peaches and jam and honey and wine ! i found a sweet dessert wine. it’s pretty good. i only love sweet liquor. last time i was with PUMPKIN ( my best friend ) in NYC that’s when i discovered my sweet white dessert wine my love. until today i still think about that sweet taste in my tongue. yummy ; ) ; ) ; )

virginia beach is also beautiful. i suppose cuz it’s grand in size compare to other beaches.
next time tho i would plan two days at the beach and another two days hiking trails. virginia is famous for their many trials and i love to be one with nature and sweat at the same time.

boy note : on the beach, JOSEPH wanted to know how come i did not wear bikini or even a swimsuit and show them my body. ( i was in long comfy thin trousers cute ones with nice prints from anthropoligie. ) excuse me ! why should i bare myself just for your pleasure ? what kind of relationship do we have ? these idiots !! what kind of request is this ?
i had to tell them the following :
‘ i am in pain i have my period my whole entire body is cold from head to toe. both of you have younger sisters don’t you ever care about them when they have periods ? what kind of big brother are you two? the stupid and heartless kind ? ‘ huh ! that finally shut them up in one try.

shenandoah skyline is also beautiful. but our homeland taiwan high mountain is more beautiful because we have many many small hills so when you see the skyline you can see many curves. and that makes the photo rich.

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