” please inform us in advance “

recently took a trip to VIRGINIA BEACH with edward & joseph two grown men in physical age but boys in mental age. here’s a recap.
( the attacehd photos i took on my LG DARE phone. they aren’t too bad. JOSEPH took all the photos once i get a hold of them i will share. )

warm september, me dressed for early winter on a summer day.

it was ……. interesting entertaining and torturing…… each other la …… huh huh

cuz i was on my period and was just very irritated the whole time and normally when i have my period, i could not take anybody’s any little even cute bullshit, ….. like if someone was not speaking honestly from their heart, is just joking around, saying things without thinking it through or they say things without being considerate of other’s feelings…….. like things we do everyday sometimes. ……… and so, i tried very hard not to listen to EDWARD AND HIS FRIEND JOSEPH, but it is every hard since there were no one else no distractions and i felt their nonsense chatting was so noisy, just excruciating to me. so i had to speak up and shut them up so i can get some peace and quite. ……. …… huh huh……. they were tortured by my period. la ……. huh huh…… the whole time they replied to me several times, ” when is your period going to be over ? next time please inform us when your period is coming and let’s not meet up. is it time for your medicine ? “ ….. huh huh ……

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