miao ~ the soon to be missing cat

her name is catherine too. we call her cat.
at first i was ….. reluctant to call her
cat. i mean that is a very cute nickname why should she have it all to herself ? you see how we girls can be so ….. easily jealous. then i recall during first week at work she was not busy and she wanted some attention so she was whining ? sort of spoke in a sweet tone so she would get some attention. i was so annoyed i ignored her treated her like she was air. then second week we gave her work and i began to like her because she spoke her mind. she was not easily intimidated or she hid it very well. she spoke her mind about :

1. please clarify what the heck you are talking about because i am not your bodyworm i cannot guess your mind. ( not in these words of course cuz she’s a pleasant worker. )

2. how her old work place got things organized. that is a huge job to organize the fabrics and samples. and of course at our job we madly and badly needs lots of organizations so we asked her and she shared.

3. when she had a design idea that desiredto come true she would ask ask ask ask relentlessly until she gets an answer.

4. about the whole copy right process. she had spoken to lawyers and she informed us everything.

the reason that she decided to quit was because of my stupid boss’s behavior. anyhow my boss was behaving rather irrationally one day and offended her, and the next day she gave her 2 week notice. the event had to do with copy right issues. my boss wanted to wrongly copy right the fabrics that do not belong to us and
cat had informed her this is not correct and you will get into trouble and the boss said just go ahead and do it. so cat did follow instructions and did many under her name and later under the boss’s name, then she informed the boss, this is very wrong and i am not getting involved any more. then the boss did something offensive and the next day cat quits.

sharp eyes on a soft feature

i was so sorry cat quit. i think i liked her a lot because she had a clear head and she was able to clearly express her ideas and feelings. she was a fighter a cute one. her task was copy right issues and technical sketches ( these are needed for production ) , although these tasks took all her hours during the day, she always had input on design and mostly when she shared about her feelings of working here i felt yes i have those feelings too, like you see i carzy and just randomly picking on other people have the same feeling as i do too. and she seem like she was enjoying her life, she recently got a house nearby. she is a taurus i thought she had a good handle and plans on what she wants in life. and suddenly she quits. that was so unexpected. she was the one who said ” people in our department are so easily to get along with and that is important in a job ” not so long ago.

however honestly i am happy for her.. tho she will be tight
budgetwise for a while. it is not easy to make a decision like this during this US economy. she even lives the closest to the office.

ai ya ya

good luck to her good luck to me good luck to all of us.

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