where did the money go ?

2/ 19 Tuesday

Were just doing some calculations
Dunno where I spent all my pay checks
There was just the boys’ new year red envelop
That was only $100
And I got some indoor plants for $40
I dunno nei
Can’t seem to remember
I only got a few turtlenecks, and that was only $40
And I didn’t get the down comforter ($100) nor the sheets yet ($30, walmart)

Yah….. I remember now, I had to spent $150 on the mac leopard system
That’s when it all started. Perhaps
Cuz I really want to get a hang of FLASH, and that needed leopard
Yet I still got no one to teach me how to use FLASH

Dunno how I got myself in debt for $500. Scary
Even the bank called to remind me that I am in serious trouble.
If I let the account to be negative for 35 days, it will be shut down and I won’t be able to open an account for 6 years. How scary

And I need to ring the student loans

Gotta take a shower so I can wake up

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