tino fino revisited

it was a nite where i suddenly had a desire to pay manhattan, my neighbor city, a short visit. at noon i rang up 2 friends and i was lucky to have company on such short notice, they were willing to tag along with me. so i was not alone. we had a good time freezing our butts off trying to find the winery shop and also a place to get a bite. just a great nite !

after my usual stop at MUJI, i was trying to locate TINO FINO.( i once visited it’s mid town store with PUMPKIN, and that’s when i fell in love with dessert wine.) we got here safely and the place was lovely, tho too bad tasting hours were over. i loved loved the wall map, filled with knowledge and romance. the bottled walled here on the right, with it’s white scripts on glassed wall, i loved it so i am in it. do you see me…. yet ?

we later stopped by this place — japanese —- ( avenue a + 8th st, ok i will locate name + phone number ) it was great. yellowtail neck ( which is really the chin. i suppose americans would be too offended if we are eating “chin” ) dinner box came with 5 large sashimi and a saketini drink, all together with tip and tax only came out to 19 buck a piece. the place was simple but had it’s charms with few lantern lights, and the service was very good, the waitress all friendly and professional. when we were done, joseph was a good sport to pose tho he was freezing his butt off. mind you, this was yet the first time while posing for a photo that he requested ” hurry up! “

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