” cuz we’re honest “

cros pendent so simple it's just splendid & a true beuty

shopping this is a no no for me cuz i know i should be saving up and so i can afford to purchase a small townhouse cuz i can’t be staying at my kind hearted darling sisters my entire life i have already shamelessly stayed for 3 years almost….. but…… one can’t help themselves when one sees beautiful things….. right ? … so i did a little shopping la…… just a little……. i bought 2 super thin plain necklace chain ? ( one 10 inch the other 12 inch ) i am not sure how to explain it. sterling silver. and i also found a cross pendant. i have been thinking about getting one since i finally understood what the cross meant. and also about the sterling silver necklace chain, i have been thinking about it for 10 years since i saw it on CARRIE the writer character on sex and the city. they look so charming on her ! now they can look charming on me ! hee hee….

one interesting note is the sales lady her name is CHRIS when i asked how come her prices are much much lower than department store prices. ( the chains i got were 10 dollars and 12 dollars and the pendant was 7 dollars ) she replied ‘ cuz we’re honest.’ huh huh that was a good answer ! yeah later she added the owner really want people to enjoy jewelry.

desert wind and cute shot glasses. wow i am set. for what ? you can imagine.....

and ohhh, i got those 4 shot glasses too. but they were not only cute they also have drink mixing recipes on them. ( i remember yvonne you were interested to know how the cocktail drinks are done. so i thought hey it’s a good thing to have on the glass itself how convenient no need to memorize or look it up in books ! …..iiyo …. ! ) so it’s a good buy. tho one of the boys broke one while transporting them to the car. ( what can i say ? it’s my own fault to trust them to transport my newly bought goods. )

ok. gotta go. am tired from writing, i took off today to rest and enjoy my birthday. i have been feeling weak with swollen glands for a week now and i need to take care of myself. just the thought of spending my birthday working in the office in pain is excruciating to me. so i informed my nutty boss yesterday that i will take off today. yeah ! good job !
i know this sounds silly to you , to ask for a day off is no biggie but it is hard for me. thank goodness there is no packaging design tasks that needs to be done urgently this week or i will be in pain at work alone. and plus i have been trying hard to be a responsible dependable worker.
back when i was in taipei doing teaching or newspaper editorial design i often called out and to me it was normal to take days off to take care of my health but to my superiors they told me i need to use off days to take care of my health not use working days. it took me a while to understand and agree to what they mean. so since i have been at this job a year ago, i almost never take a day off because i did not feel feel. i just worked and got through the day with prayers while in pain.

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” excuse me ! “

straight straight lines in the vineyard remind me of school days where we had to practice to draw straight lines.

we stopped at small vendors on the way to shop for QUILT, local farm goods like apples and peaches and jam and honey and wine ! i found a sweet dessert wine. it’s pretty good. i only love sweet liquor. last time i was with PUMPKIN ( my best friend ) in NYC that’s when i discovered my sweet white dessert wine my love. until today i still think about that sweet taste in my tongue. yummy ; ) ; ) ; )

virginia beach is also beautiful. i suppose cuz it’s grand in size compare to other beaches.
next time tho i would plan two days at the beach and another two days hiking trails. virginia is famous for their many trials and i love to be one with nature and sweat at the same time.

boy note : on the beach, JOSEPH wanted to know how come i did not wear bikini or even a swimsuit and show them my body. ( i was in long comfy thin trousers cute ones with nice prints from anthropoligie. ) excuse me ! why should i bare myself just for your pleasure ? what kind of relationship do we have ? these idiots !! what kind of request is this ?
i had to tell them the following :
‘ i am in pain i have my period my whole entire body is cold from head to toe. both of you have younger sisters don’t you ever care about them when they have periods ? what kind of big brother are you two? the stupid and heartless kind ? ‘ huh ! that finally shut them up in one try.

shenandoah skyline is also beautiful. but our homeland taiwan high mountain is more beautiful because we have many many small hills so when you see the skyline you can see many curves. and that makes the photo rich.

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” please inform us in advance “

recently took a trip to VIRGINIA BEACH with edward & joseph two grown men in physical age but boys in mental age. here’s a recap.
( the attacehd photos i took on my LG DARE phone. they aren’t too bad. JOSEPH took all the photos once i get a hold of them i will share. )

warm september, me dressed for early winter on a summer day.

it was ……. interesting entertaining and torturing…… each other la …… huh huh

cuz i was on my period and was just very irritated the whole time and normally when i have my period, i could not take anybody’s any little even cute bullshit, ….. like if someone was not speaking honestly from their heart, is just joking around, saying things without thinking it through or they say things without being considerate of other’s feelings…….. like things we do everyday sometimes. ……… and so, i tried very hard not to listen to EDWARD AND HIS FRIEND JOSEPH, but it is every hard since there were no one else no distractions and i felt their nonsense chatting was so noisy, just excruciating to me. so i had to speak up and shut them up so i can get some peace and quite. ……. …… huh huh……. they were tortured by my period. la ……. huh huh…… the whole time they replied to me several times, ” when is your period going to be over ? next time please inform us when your period is coming and let’s not meet up. is it time for your medicine ? “ ….. huh huh ……

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